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A Product Shoot in Big Sur

Shot for Shinola

Story by Wesley Verhoeve December 1st, 2015

On my most recent trip to the gorgeous Big Sur, my friends Patrick, Tim, Ryan and I took to Pfeiffer Beach with a blanket, a bottle of wine, some bread and cheese, and a mind for exploring the quietly beautiful view of the ocean.

We started driving early that morning, putting in ample hours on the road to make headway. After grabbing some snacks at Big Sur Bakery, it was decided that we’d take advantage of the coming sunset to photograph some landscapes. I was working on a travel diary for Travel + Leisure, and couldn’t wait to capture the beauty before me. Before then, there was some time to kill while the sun was too glaring for photos, and we found a beautifully shaded spot right off the coastal rocks.

The ocean has always had a calming effect on me, and as we enjoyed our snacks and shared some hopes and dreams, I found myself mostly listening and observing. Ryan got a little nap in, as Tim and Patrick talked about family and work, and I wandered around experimenting with shadows and light spots. I grabbed some product shots of a watch made by my friends over at Shinola in Detroit, to be used by their marketing and social team later on. One of these shots was just published to their Instagram account, and as more make their way into the world, I have included some outtakes below.

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If you have a second, check out my friends work as well. Patrick, Tim, and Ryan are good people and great artists.


Shinola's Watch In Use


Nap time


Sandwich Time


Back On The Road Again

Big Sur, Monterey County, CA, United States