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Mackenzie Kruvant

Editorial Portraits for a Personal Site

Story by Wesley Verhoeve December 23rd, 2015
Mackenzie is a senior editor at Buzzfeed, and also runs their various Instagram channels. We got together one morning and moseyed around Williamsburg to shoot a set of editorial portraits for use on her new personal site. My goal was to capture Mackenzie’s charming, witty, and easy-going personality in as natural way as possible, and we found some lovely locations and light to help make that happen. Below are some of the shots, including some outtakes.

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Web - Mackenzie-Kruvant-336A8250.jpg
Web - Mackenzie-Kruvant-336A8305.jpg

One of my favorite things Mackenzie has written was an enlightening piece about finding community in the One Direction fandom, after Zayn’s departure. The fandom world is not really one I was all too familiar with, and the article left me with a better understanding beyond the standard “oh those teen girls are just crazy” hot take one typically finds. Take a gander here for more of Mackenzie’s writing.

Web - Mackenzue-Kruvant-336A8284.jpg

Playing With Light

The two photos below were shot in extreme light spots, and edited as black and whites, to create a more cinematic atmosphere. For the first shot, we played around with a ambient and grainy setting that inspires a possible narrative. For the second shot, we went with a narrow spot light and a more casual feel, emphasizing Mackenzie’s kind and open smile.

Web - Mackenzie-Kruvant-336A8329.jpg
Web - Mackenzie-Kruvant-336A8178.jpg

The Outtakes

These two didn’t make it to the final round, for various reasons. I loved how Mackenzie’s hair interacted with the texture of the wood behind her (right), but the general set up might be a bit too obvious to stand out on a personal website or in an article. My favorite part of the photo on the left is how I accidentally captured the gentleman inside of that yellow box, while Mackenzie is out of focus as the object of his gaze.
Mackenzie Kruvant 336A8440.jpg
Mackenzie Kruvant 336A8495.jpg

The Blooper Reel

“Also, these don’t work for obv reasons but if we’re being totally honest these are the most me photos in this whole batch”. - Mackenzie’s feedback.
Bonus - Mackenzie-Kruvant-336A8517.jpg
Bonus - Mackenzie-Kruvant-BONUS-336A8382.jpg

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