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Travel Photography As Motivation

Shot for Human

Story by Wesley Verhoeve October 16th, 2015

The good folks at all-day activity tracker startup Human asked me to contribute a special photo theme that can be unlocked by users when they hit a streak of 75 days in a row in which they are active for 30 minutes or more. I titled this collection “Nature Moves” and it consists of photos taken in Big Sur and San Francisco this summer.

Human tracks over 4 million sessions per month, and I am thrilled to be a small part of helping motivate and reward their users for being active in their daily life. Seven of the photos from my theme are show below, alongside some screencaps of how they appear in app. They were also included in Human’s weekly digest which reachers roughly 120K people. Check out this beautiful visualization of activities that Human made for 900 cities using their user’s data

Everything Is Small.jpg
Coming Home.jpg
Big Sur Breathe In.jpg
Big Sur Breathe Out.jpg
Upside Down.jpg
Let Go.jpg
We Are Small.jpg
Footnote: Thanks to Renato Valdés Olmos for pointing Team Human in my direction and setting this collaboration in motion.