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Meaningful Storytelling For Startups

Shot for Honor

Story by Wesley Verhoeve August 22nd, 2016

Working With Honor

Honor is an amazing San Francisco-based startup whose mission is to reinvent the elderly care industry. They are innovating every element of care from the way employees are empowered to the integration of apps into communication flow between caregivers and customers.

It was such a pleasure to work with a team so genuinely passionate about helping those in our society who have helped so many others in the past. It was moving and inspiring to witness the care they put into ensuring that the quality of life of both the elderly and their caregivers improves consistently.

I worked with the Honor team on three different storytelling projects. The first was a set of two photo essays to start off their editorial series The Honor Project. Together with in-house writer Cameron Tuttle I was able to visit with two inspiring older adults to capture their story in portraits and writing. Below are a few images of painter Eugene Courtois (full story here). Our second visit was with novelist Brenda Webster (full story here).


A Day In The Life Video

As part of Honor’s introduction into the San Francisco market place, our second collaboration was a series of video pieces, including A Day In The Life style short doc about an Honor family and their amazing caregiver Josetta. I wrote, directed and produced the video below with the help of a powerful little team I put together, including camera man extraordinaire Ryan Carl. View the video below.

Recruiting Video

Honor has such a fantastic staff and culture that we had to get them in front of the camera as well. We created two videos that are being used in recruiting efforts. Caregivers and staff share their experiences and why they love working with Honor so much. One video below, and a second can be found here.

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