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Outtakes - Shot for Wildsam Travel Guides

Story by Wesley Verhoeve May 19th, 2017

The good folks behind tasteful travel guide empire Wildsam asked me to capture an afternoon at Nolita restaurant Estela to help launch their Golden Ticket contest. One lucky reader was flown to NYC out to enjoy a fantastic meal, possibly in the same seat President Obama enjoyed date night with the first lady.

The main photo was published on Wildsam’s Instagram account, and I have included some outtakes below.


Estela’s staff was beyond gracious and served our beautiful dishes and drinks thoughtfully and with much charm.


Our bartender made a phenomenal set of cocktails, using perfectly frothed egg whites and simply syrup to give body to a delightful gin drink.


The room is lively, friendly, and decidedly New York in it’s atmosphere. Within fifteen minutes of opening, the classy brunch crowd fills the room with chatter, while staff zooms around ensuring everyone is taken care of in an effortless manner. Beautifully plated food moves swiftly from kitchen to table, drinks are made, and Estela plays it’s part in what makes a New York City Saturday something very special.

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