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Shot for Harry's

Story by Wesley Verhoeve August 31st, 2016

How To Talk TO Your Barber

For the past eight months, team Harry’s and I have been working on an ongoing series of stories about barbershops and the conversations we have while there. Many topics have been discussed. From style points to lingo, from traditions to culture blending, from life stories to travel adventure. Barbershops are so much more than just a place you go to exchange money for a service. A barbershop at it’s best is a gathering place, a community center, a place for cultural exchange and conversation.

All over the world, men gather to discuss the latest that’s going on in their life, their community and the world around them. They may sip on some whiskey or be offered a cold beer. They may get a buzzcut or a side part. They may be lovingly ribbed or joyfully celebrated. So far I’ve been fortunate to capture stories in Charleston (SC), San Francisco (CA), Frankfurt (Germany), Hong Kong, Portland (ME), and even a side step into a beautiful power outage moment in Yangon (Myanmar).

More stories are on the way. Keep an eye on Harry’s classy and very well done online magazine Five O Clock and click on the previous city names for each previously published story. Below are outtakes from the various cities visited.

HTTTYB - Frankfurt - _36A0761.jpg

Frankfurt am Main

Outtakes from Torreto Barbershop in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

HTTTYB - Frankfurt - _36A0743.jpg
HTTTYB - Frankfurt - _36A0861.jpg
HTTTYB - Frankfurt - _13A5674.jpg
HTTTYB - Frankfurt - _13A5642.jpg

In order of appearance, outtakes from stories about Yangon (1, 3), San Francisco (2), Hong Kong (4, 6), Portland (5), and Frankfurt (7).

Beth 336A1926.jpg
HTTTYB - Frankfurt - _36A0792.jpg

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