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Outtakes - Shot For Fujifilm

Story by Wesley Verhoeve May 16th, 2017

A Smile of Recognition

The good folks at Fujifilm invited me to join a few other photographers for a second test shoot with the GFX 50S, their medium format beast which has recently become available. Our first shoot together was great fun so even though it was raining cats and dogs out we made our way over to Karrasmatrik Studios in Manhattan.

My talented X-Photographers friend Kara Mercer was already shooting about with the new 110mm f/2 lens while Omar Robles was rocking the 23mm f/4. I shot mostly with the already available 63mm f/2.8 but was impressed with the new glass as well.

This being my third time shooting with the GFX I was already familiar with how the camera settings work out so there was barely an adjustment period before I started shooting with Alex Dvorak, a wonderfully talented model.


The studio techs were helpful in getting me set up with lighting and I started snapping away as Alex and I developed a few different looks with make up artist Princess Ayaton. We went for a natural look for this first set of playful images, accompanied continuous studio light set up to appear as natural window light on a sunny autumnal afternoon.


Crisp Studio Shots

As soon as we turned on the studio flashes the gigantic sensor and high resolution aspects of the camera really shined. So much detail is captured, especially at a higher f-stop. I included two different editing styles below to show the range. This set up was great for playful fashion or catalog shots.



Having such a powerfully clear sensor doesn't mean the final images have to be all crisp and clean. Below a few images I edited to fall on the more artistic and moody side of portraiture. The first was taken outside on the fire escape of Karrassmatik Studios, whereas the other two were taken in-studio with the help of muted continuous lighting and a shallow depth of field.

All in all another wonderful experience spending time with the Fujifilm team. Looking forward to more soon.


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Footnote: Many thanks to Lisa Yang, Brandon Remler, Matthew Karras, Kara Mercer, Princess Ayaton.
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